The Chill Factory® Frozen Yogurt in Huntsville Proudly Serves Honey Hill Farms Yogurt

The Best Flavors Come

From The Best Ingredients

Having the best tasting yogurt is the hardest part of operating a frozen yogurt store. We searched all over the country to find the best tasting and most healthy yogurt. When we tasted the yogurt from Honey Hill Farms in Russellville, Arkansas, we knew that was the best product to serve at The Chill Factory® Frozen Yogurt.

The folks at Honey Hill Farms have been making ice cream since the 1940s and yogurt since the 1980s. The milk they use is straight from their local dairy in Russellville. The fruits they use are grown in the U.S. Their employees are some of the most loyal in the country. Ninety percent of their employees have been with the company for several decades.

When Honey Hill Farms creates a new flavor, it must be perfect before they send it out on the market. Their research and development team test and retest the product to insure its consistency, taste, quality and durability. If they can't make it perfect, it doesn't leave the lab. That's why it is by far the best frozen yogurt in Huntsville!

When flavoring the yogurt, instead of using imported flavor powders, like other companies, Honey Hill Farms uses real fruit purees, real marshmallow pieces, real graham cracker pieces and real crushed candy bars. They use the highest quality chocolates and the purest vanilla. They even produce many fat free frozen yogurt flavors. The Honey Hill Farms Yogurt is certified live and active cultures - more than any other yogurt company.

When you take that much pride in producing a product, it is easy to see why it tastes so good!